Booking Terms & Conditions

As soon as your booking is confirmed, a legal contract exists between High Fold Guest House and the person, or persons, making the booking. When bookings are made by an individual on behalf of a group, this contract is deemed to be between High Fold Guest House and the individual making the booking. Accommodation is only available to the person or persons agreed at the time of booking and reservations are not transferable without prior agreement.

The following terms and conditions will apply:

  • It is illegal to smoke anywhere on the premises
  • We are unable to accommodate guests’ pets, so pets are not allowed inside the house.
  • We are unable to accommodate children
Reservations & Payment

Please note that during the pandemic, no deposits are being taken and we are fully flexible with regards changing the dates of any existing bookings. Confirmation of this can be seen in our Covid statement here.

To reserve accommodation a non-refundable deposit equal to the cost of the first night’s accommodation is required. Deposits apply on a ‘per room’ basis and are not transferable. Any balance owing, under the terms of this contract, must be paid on arrival. High Fold Guest House shall be entitled to deduct any sums due under the terms of this contract using the credit or debit card details supplied.